We Care about safety

The most common cause of physical injuries in warehouse and storage facilities involves improper manual lifting and handling. Failure to follow proper procedures can cause musculoskeletal disorders, especially if done with awkward postures, repetitive motions, or overexertion. This is why we created the Crate Rake. It allows users to work efficiently and safely, reducing the amount of fatigue and workplace injuries.

Our Products

Crate Rake 30

Our flagship product, this is a 30 inch straight pick stick.


Crate Rake 40

An extension of our original product, this is a 40 inch straight pick stick.


Crate Rake 30-C

An ergonomic approach of our first product, this is a curved 30 inch pick stick.


Crate Rake 40-C

Our longest product, the crate rake 40-C is a curved 40 inch pick stick.


Our Customers Say

Here are a few words from a some of the customers using our product.

How our products can help

We acknowledge the fact that workplace safety can be tricky. The Crate Rake brings many advantages to the workplace. Below is only a few ways that it can improve workers daily routines.

Cover more area Safely

Allows you to work an entire bay section / rack cell from a single point of origin without having to move locations.

maintain 3 points of contact

Eliminates the impulse of reaching, which will limit the risks of both slips/falls and reaching injuries.

Reduce the need of awkward posture

Easily pull boxes or crates out of deep shelving and racks. No more bending or leaning into odd positions to grasp product.

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