About Colburn Ventures.

Founded in 2012 by 25-year firefighter Terry L. Colburn; Colburn Ventures is a small, family-owned business focused on creating safer working conditions for employees while increasing production for companies. 

When set out to develop the “Crate Rake” we not only wanted to provide more safety and convenience for the working class, but we also wanted our quality, reliability, and durability to stand the test of time. 

That’s why we’ve stuck to the same exceptional level of productivity and have yet to receive even a single complaint or returned product since its launch over 10 years ago. 

You could say that our product quality and responsive customer service has helped us stay ahead of the competition, but more importantly, has allowed our customers to thrive in tough, hands-on working environments. This translates to better safety records and reduced injuries, which are important to your teams’ and your brands’ success.

More than anything, the Crate Rake allows workers to do their job more safely, especially when it comes to reaching heavy, cumbersome, or awkwardly placed products or boxes up on shelves or just out of reach. This means you can reach things that are typically too far away without damaging the product or the box while you’re working.

The long, ergonomic extension lets you easily pull items closer to create a safer lifting position, but also prevents you from having to lean, jump, or stretch in ways that create unstable footing. By increasing “workable areas” on the ground or while elevated our lightweight, heavy-duty rake can help improve productivity and efficiency while reducing instability. 

And because our products are made in the USA under strict quality control standards, you won’t find a better, more reliable “reach tool” on the market. Great for warehouses, delivery services, food and grocery stores, or even retail or private home use, the versatile Crate Rake is sure to become a safety staple in any hands-on setting.

Contact us for more information regarding our products or to request a custom order and make sure your warehouse or storage area is backed by reliability and safety that’s second to none with the Crate Rake.

Terry Colburn

Shop Owner

Terry is the inventor of the Crate Rake and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the manufacturing or ordering process.

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