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The most common cause of physical injuries in warehouse and storage facilities involves improper manual lifting and handling. Failure to follow proper procedures can cause musculoskeletal disorders, especially if done with awkward postures, repetitive motions, or overexertion. 

Everyday workplace risks

According to OSHA, high storage locations and reaching are two of the top workplace risks for those working in warehouses. The Crate Rake is designed to mitigate these risks, creating safer workspaces with increased efficiency. 

High Storage Locations

Potential Hazard
  • Employees often reach above shoulder height (Figure 8) to access products on upper shelves. This causes stress to the shoulders and back. Additionally, lifts above shoulder height often require awkward hand and wrist postures.
Potential Solutions
  • Provide employees with “Pick Sticks” or “Bow Peep” hooks to pull small, light-weight product closer to the edge prior to lifting.


Potential Hazards
  • Product is often removed from the front of pallets first. This leaves the remaining product stacked in the back of pallets, where employees must reach to access and lift product. This creates additional stress on the shoulders and back.
  • Double or triple slotting is used to maximize shelving space so the greatest amount of product can fit in the smallest amount of space may increase ergonomic stressors such as bending and elevated reaches. Workers may be forced to bend at the torso to reach under low racking to access product.
Potential Solutions
  • Minimize reaching.
  • Place items to be lifted within the “power zone”. The power zone is close to the body, between the mid-thigh and mid-chest of the person doing the lifting. This is the area where the arms and back can lift the most with the least amount of effort.

How the crate Rake increases both safety & production

  • It allows you to maintain 3 points of contact while pulling your material into a safe lifting position. It will eliminate the impulse of reaching which will limit the risks of both slips/falls and reaching injuries.
  • It allows you to work an entire bay section / rack cell from a single point of origin without having to move locations.

engineered to last

The Crate Rake is made from structural grade aluminum alloy that possesses properties such as high yield strength, workability, and resistance to wear. Aluminum allows for lighter product weight and engineering features are used on the components to provide maximum strength and durability.


The point of attachment is one of the main features that sets the Crate Rake apart from all others. The plate is angled to provide strength and welded to the pipe (not riveted) in 3 different locations to maximize durability and longevity.


There is a 1¼” hole cut into the end plate to allow for versatility in handling of boxes / crates.


The working end of the Crate Rake is made of 1/8” aluminum plate. It measures 3” x 5¼” and is laser cut with a radiused end to prevent any sharp edges.


The handle of the Crate Rake is a molded Vinyl grip with finger nubs that not only improves appearance but also provides a secure comfortable grip.

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