Curved Crate Rake 40


This is the curved version of the 40 inch Crate Rake.

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The Crate Rake is made from structural grade aluminum alloy that possess properties such as high yield strength, workability, and resistance to wear. Aluminum allows for lighter product weight and engineering features are used on the components to provide maximum strength and durability. 



The working end of the Crate Rake is made of 1/8” aluminum plate. It measures 3” x 5¼” and is laser cut with a radiused end to prevent any sharp edges. 





There is a 1¼” hole cut into the end plate to allow for versatility in handling of boxes / crates. 





The point of attachment is one of the main features that sets the Crate Rake apart from all others. The plate is angled to provide strength and welded to the pipe (not riveted) in 3 different locations to maximize durability and longevity.



The handle of the Crate Rake is a molded Vinyl grip with finger nubs that not only improves appearance but also provides a secure comfortable grip.



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